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26th February 1992 My birthday in Wattle Beach how predictable. I new it, I new she wasn't cumin back. I could tell that night on the phone & that guy looking around the house, I new it she wasn't cumin back. Here forever we are Harley and Me with her, AUNT BERYL.

12th March 1992 Matt. Why? What did I do to deserve it? My name it's just not fair.

I hate it I do I really do. Everybody in this town hates us, what have I done? Tell me someone, I don't understand? Just when I think everything's getting better, my name ruins it. All I want it to get a job so Harley and Me can stay here. Matt. That name it just won't let any thing good happen us.

13th March 1992 Finally a chance to prove to everyone I'm not a bad kid. Thank god for Joy Duncan with out her I never would of got the chance.

I've got a week to prove my self to Skip, show him how great I can be. I'm gonna show him, Joy, Beryl and the rest of Wattle Beach us Matt's aren't all Bad.

17th April 1992 I wish Aunt Beryl could of seen Harley today. He was miserable and hurt. Not a wild creature, just a little boy.

21st April 1992 How dare she, how dare she do such a thing to him. I could have killed her. CHAIN him up what was she thinking. They didn't even stay with him. I can't believe she'd do such a thing to him.

That exhibition in the bowls club was pretty good punishment, nothing close to what she deserves. But in the mean time what am I gonna do with Harley, can't leave him here. I thought every thing was getting better, I thought finally Me Carl Matt was gonna be okay.

Not now not after this! 1st May 1992 I don't want us to be split up I really don't but I think it's really the best thing to do. I can't look after him and work on the barge and Beryl doesn't care. Yeah it's the best thing to do. Joy will look after him she cares about him. He'll be happy there. Yeah it's definitely the best thing to do.