This is a brief essay about the dark side of human nature, and it's destructive ways.

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I am not of substance, yet cause more conflict then those whom are. I am of no particular identity, but display more presence then those who are. I build you up, for the purposes of tearing you down, and relish every moment of my succulent victory. I am not of the feared, more of the more fierce. I am the fountain of black running through your veins. I am human nature.

With my subtle approach and lurking incentives, I delight in my effective and damaging rulings. I have no particular victim. I am here merely to aid you in your selfish glorifications. You may not feel me, but I live inside you all. When you feel jealousy, hatred or a yearning for intense revenge, I'm there. I'm present when you covet someone else, or begin to fear the seemingly unusual. Because of me, suffering and angst takes place in this world.

My effects are that of hostility, isolation, and pain. Alienation takes the place of love, devotion and acceptance. More so then any other, I cause people to become their own worst enemy. I twist the structure of all those trying to fight me, and make them into walking contradictions. They are my puppets of sorts. Like a broken branch, I leave my victim feeling indignant and emotionally crippled. The insatiable need for gossip and lies and rumours, are all fuelled by me. Living vicariously through other people's misery and hardships, is to keep my alive.

As much as I rule this indignant world, you all of some power against me. The power of self-discipline. To determine my fate, one only has to fight themselves.