Britain's Employment Relations system.

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The aim of this essay will be to access and explain the management of British employment relationship and then derive lessons concerning the management of the employment relationship from the study of the operation, structure and effectiveness of systems of the employment relations in Britain. An argument will be put forward that what the future of the British ER system is.

This essay will begin by defining employment relation (ER). It will then access and explain recent management of the ER system in Britain and discuss the future for Britain's ER System. It will conclude by discussing the lessons be learnt from the study of Britain's ER system.

The Employment Relation (ER).

Employment relationship is an economical exchange of labour capacity in return for the production of goods and services. It is very important to understand the implications of all the aspects of employment relations.

High levels of collaboration between the workforce and management are likely to be consistent with greater reliability of production and quality of output, which in turn would bolster the organization's market position. Thus, employment relation is one of the most significant areas that need to be invested (Rollinson 1993).

Salaman (2000) defines employment relations as a reflection of the development of more diverse employment patterns, the growth of high tech and commercial sectors, reduced levels of unionisation and use of management strategies aimed at individualising the employment relationship, in other terms it is the new management of all the variables which influence the work namely the management style, the level of employee's motivation, the work environment, job satisfaction, the objectives of the company etc.

Trade unions are developed to protect and promote the interests of their members. The ability of trade unions to exercise power and influence over users of...