British Army Transformations from 1645-1913. this is part 1: English Civil War to Seven Years War. Each part is 20 pages!!

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From Roundheads to Trenches:

the revolving transformations of the British Army from 1645-1913


I realize this paper is probably "all-encompassing" in an almost overkill manner; however, there a few reasons that a 10-12 page term paper spiraled into 60 pages. First, I wrote this paper while deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Phase I, from March to December 2003. Because of this, I worked sporadically on the paper while executing my daily duties and responsibilities and while completing three other college courses. These spurts of reading, writing, and note taking made it difficult to 'keep it brief' as I was never sure of when I would have the chance to pick-up my work again, and then whether or not I would remember what I had already read, wrote, or comprehended. Therefore, this paper was actually written in spurts, and once I had the opportunity to splice it altogether into one document from three different computers and over six different files, I had a difficult time in deleting or cutting out what was originally already in print.

Some of the information I left in may not be completely appropriate to the topic at hand, however, it is still appropriate enough that I felt important to include in my original thought process, and felt it would be an injustice to eliminate the 'flow' by chopping out paragraphs. For example, I realize I spent too much discussion on the American Revolution, but felt it was important for two reasons: It was the first white-on-white war the British were involved in away from Europe, and it saw the introduction of an enemy that did not assume the 'traditional' manner of warfare was necessary--and the result was a bloody, vicious total war. We have, since November 25, worked in the Multi-National Division (South...