"The Brothers Karamzov" by Fydor Dostoyevsky. The essay focuses on several different books inside the book with close analysis. From Book three to the Epilogue

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(1) In book three, chapter three; discuss “The Confession of an Ardent Heart-in-verse.” This chapter begins with Alyosha leaving the monastery on the orders of his father. Madame Khokhlakov, a wealthy woman in town and an acquaintance of the Karamazov’s, has handed Alyosha a note from Katerina Ivanovna (Alyosha’s brother Dmitri’s ex-fiancé). Katerina wants Alyosha to come and see her, because she has something she wants to discuss with him. This note haunts Alyosha and makes him extremely uneasy.

He gets on his way to Katerina’s home, and is debating on whether to take the long way or a shortcut to her house. On his way to her house (the shortcut), Alyosha is surprised by his brother Dmitri Fyodorovich who is hanging from over the hurdle in a garden. Dmitri tells Alyosha that he needs to speak with him about his troubles because he only feels comfortable telling him this information.

After reciting Schiller’s “Hymn to Joy”, Dmitri breaks down into sobs and tells Alyosha about how much suffering a man on earth has. He continues by calling those men, degraded, and follows up by saying he is one of those degraded men. He ends the chapter by saying that all the Karamazov’s are insects, even Alyosha. He says that the insect inside of Alyosha will stir up tempest in his blood caused by sensual lust. (96)(2) In book five, chapters three, four, five; discuss “The Brothers Get Acquainted”, “Rebellion”, and “The Grand Inquisitor.” It starts off that Alyosha went to the metropolitan restaurant, in search of his brother Dmitri. He was told by Smerdyakov that Dmitri made an appointment with his other brother Ivan there. Once Alyosha arrives he finds Ivan dinning alone.

Alyosha is invited to sit down by Ivan who tells him that he wants...