Burden and difficulty of a single mother in raising her children.

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Present statisticians estimate that half of all marriages will end with divorce. It is very normal to see a single parent family with a mother or a father in charge around us. It will also open in the air a question to us: whether a single parent can be successful in raising their children. In " Single parent: Successful parents?" by Deborah Black, the author writes:"... for a single parent, becoming a successful parent is a difficult journey and there is much negative evidence which says it can't be done." She wants to tell us that although a single parent has many difficulties in raising his or her children, at the end, he or she can be flourished. I personally disagree with the author's view. A single parent is unable to raise his or her children successfully because of his or her children' emotional troubles, the family's financial problems and children' senses of well- being.

First of all, children from single parent families have to undertake an "emotional crisis". They get more troubles while growing up and bear more severe scars than the children from intact families. A divorce, a tremendous millstone, will give permanent damage in a child's life. Researchers show that almost all children are " moderately or severely crazed and over-sexed when parents separate, and most continue to exposure to confusion, sadness or anger for many months or years after," (Skolnick,1997). Even though many years have passed by since their parents' divorce, children still keep in minds the hurts and injuries of losing fathers or mothers. Their lives were changed forever. They still wonder why they left them without any explanation. They feel they were left behind. They do not have mothers or fathers anymore. Thus, they have the determination that they quite...