Bush: Soldier or Terrorist?

Essay by counterstrikesucks March 2004

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Bush: Soldier or terrorist?

Many say that our president George Walker Bush, son of wealthy ex- president George Bush, has made no mistakes. They say that he handled the 9-11 crisis the way any good president should have. That if we hadn't gone to Iraq and defeated a non- exsistent threat, we would all be under a cruel, abusive, Iraqi dictatorship. But let's take a look at our so called perfect president's past. He was accused of indulging in the deadly and illigeal drug cocaine. The republicans response to that was "Yes, but didn't Clinton admit to smoking marijuana?" The answer of course, is yes. But our leaders intelligence is not that of Albert Einstein. In many of his speeches, he has said words wrong, and sometimes even made his own up. One example is "They have misunderestimated me as a leader.", and "I believe that the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

But let's focus on the war on terror. We went to war with Afghanistan over our nations greatest tragedy. After a long, horrible war and the taliban no longer existed, we went after Al- Qaeda. After starting the war with Al- Qaeda, we started another war. Or should I say, recommenced. Lets say, hypothetically, that Bush wanted to finish what his father never had a chance to. Find Saddam and be envied. Census showed that he was losing votes faster than his deficit was rising. Finding Saddam would make people vote for him again. So he makes up a reason why he should go to Iraq and find his father's enemy. Since we are still talking hypothetically, it might not be true, though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving the contrary. One of which, is the fact that we found no weapons...