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Seth Todd


Business Plan (M&J's)

To have an organized and structured business you will need the following things to play role in it. First off everyone should know there position and what there are to do in that position. Second everyone should know their boss. In some businesses everyone thinks they are the boss this ends up loosing the business money or employees. Third every business should have an organized work schedule that everyone can understand and read. Many unorganized work schedules lead to miss communication. In turn people don't show up when you need them to and or show up when you don't need them. M&J's will only need one manager they should spend at least ½ hour to 1 hour with each employee during the week so they can run over what the employee is doing well in and what they could do a little better in.

This gives the employees something to focus on making them a better worker and a more efficient worker. The owner of the small business should be the manager if not they need to pick someone that they know will go above what they expect to get the job done. They owner should not try to do the managers job or else this could end up backfiring in the owners face. So the owner will need to sit back and watch but when the manager is doing something wrong the owner will need to straighten them out.

One of the first things a manager is to do is build there team. Usually when you become a manager your team should already be in place. Sometimes you will need to replace or add people to your team. But don't do this with speed wait a while think on your decisions learn about...