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The four available business ventures for this paper are. 1. Specialty high-end flooring contractor: will install all floor types (imported tile, granite, marble, hard wood, and carpeting) as part of new construction or remodeling. 2. Pilates Studio Franchise: individuals can take classes or work out on their own. 3. Sports Bar Franchise: individuals can watch multiple sporting events on large screen TV's. 4. Global Computer Consultant: assist corporations and individuals in setting up computer networks. The strengths of the flooring contractor are that more new homes being built to day are using high end flooring. The one large weakness is the resent economic down turn and a week housing market for the foreseeable future. Strengths of a Pilates studio is members can take classes or work out on there own, weaknesses include a small portion of people in this area who would benefit and being limited to Pilates only. As a computer consultant the strengths are you can work on site or from a remote location in many situations, also you are not limited to one company.

The weaknesses are that many of the large global companies have in house computer experts who would be able to handle this type of network (Syllabus 2008).

This is the business entry plan for a sports bar franchise the situation that was chosen for this assignment. The company will be known as Arizona Wild Wings. The Arizona Wild Wings is a sports bar that is designed to be used by the residents of Sierra Vista and the surrounding area. There will be enough TV's to watch many different sporting events as well as table top audio to be able to focus on what you want to listen to and not the background noise. The Arizona Wild Wings is determined to create an unmatched...