Business Intelligence, Distibuted Data and Analytical Thinking

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Business Intelligence, Distributed Data and Analytical Processes

Don Carter

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Business Intelligence, Distributed Data and Analytical Processes

Introduction: In today's business world many of the processes we used to perform locally are now moving into the on line environment. This shift has allowed organizations to become more efficient and allows them to work in real time. Where it used to be that most tasks and the decision making process was reactionary it is now more of a proactive process. Some major factors in this shift is using the on line environment for the business intelligence process, the use of distributed databases and the use of on line analytical processing. In this paper I will be looking at these three items in detail in order to determine their main objectives.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI can be defined as the process of gathering the correct information in a timely manner and in a comprehendible form and using it to improve business decision making.

(Stair & Reynolds, p. 136) The purpose of BI is to assist organizations in making better business decisions. This is accomplished by having the maximum amount of information at each level of the organization. This allows management to be more responsive to real time market situations and have every department be more efficiently coordinated.

BI does more than just gather all pertinent data and compiles it; it takes all of this data and turns it into usable information. This can provide valuable insight into the cause and effect of a problem. This can then improve future business operations by correcting future problems before they occur or to reduce the impact these problems have on an organization. (Stair & Reynolds,