Business negotiation

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Business negotiation.

F.C. Barcelona - Ronaldinho - Paris Saint Germain.

1. Chronology.

15th July. Joan Laporta becomes the new president of the F.C. Barcelona. After the failure to sign up David Beckham, the negotiation for Ronaldinho begins.

18th July. The F.C. Barcelona offer to Paris Saint Germain, initially, 20.000.000 and also a Barcelona's player, to sign up Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho will receive 2.000.000 as a sign up bonus and a salary of 4.000.000 a year.

The cancellation clause in the contract of Ronaldinho is 60.000.000 .

20th July. The Real Madrid, also makes an offer of 35.000.000 , and the possibility to lend the player for a year in any French team, to incorporate the next year (season '03-'04) to the Real Madrid. (never confirmed by the club)

21st July. Florentino Perez, president of the Real Madrid denies the interest of his club on Ronaldinho.

24th July. The Manchester United join to the negotiation for Ronaldinho and offer to the P.S.G.

25.000.000 .

25th July. The owner of the Chelsea, Abramovich, offer 28.000.000 to the club, P.S.G., and 6.000.000 to Ronaldinho.

27th July. Ronaldinho refuse the offer of Chelsea because of the lower competitive level of the club, and says that he has the possibility to continue the next season in the P.S.G.

The real situation is that the club and it sponsor (C+ France) want to sell Ronaldinho to pay all the debts of the club.

28th July. Sandro Rossell, F.C. Barcelona's vice-president offer to the P.S.G. 30.000.000 , 90% cash and the 10% with the transfer of Riquelme and Christanval to the French team. That is the last offer of the F.C. Barcelona.

1st June. Peter Kenyon, Manchester United's executive director, offer 35.000.000 .

The president of F.C. Barcelona, Joan Laporta, resigns to sign up Ronaldinho because of...