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Incredible Edibles

Kathy Bankey

University of Phoenix - Axia

Accounting 220

Carol Zelezny

October 11, 2008


Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles is a small business that caters in the area of fruit, cheese and nut floral arrangements. These arrangements come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed and crafted to suit each consumer's individual tastes, budget and occasion and each season of the year.

I have chosen my legal structure to be a sole proprietor for the sole reason that I would have better access to all aspects of finances, and not have to share tasks and responsibilities of the business with another partner. Eventually, I would move to a partnership which I would be able to bring new skills and ideas that would help to the business establish better products and services. A partnership will provide my company with several advantages.


* Inexpensive to establish and operate.

* Ability to split income on level of ownership.

* Responsibility for the operation of the business is shared.

* Ability to raise finance for the business is enhanced.

* Capital losses may be offset by other non-business capital gains derived by the individual owners.

Our product line will consist of many types of fruits (pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, grapes, cherries, several types of cheeses and various nuts) arranged to look like flowers but are very edible yet quite unique. Customers can place orders in-store, by phone or online. We will do made-to-order arrangements and have a limited supply of pre made arrangements in a show case for cash and carry. Offer customers unique, delicious and nutritious gift options. Our company will provide an appealing alternative to traditional gift ideas.

It is important to develop good record keeping systems in our business as...