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Problem/Opportunity Analysis - Slow Company GrowthExecutive processes in the business environment to drive growth, involves the development or establishment of a plan. Managers have to take decisions with in-depth consequences, opportunities must be understood and threats prevented. "Good business research is based on sound reasoning" (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). There is an environment outside the manager's influence of which they must take in consideration. Business research may be viewed as the decision-making senses through which managers can view the outside world and use the information gained from their corporate observation to manage those processes over which they do have control, and therefore, combine their internal actions with environmental changes.

Constructs of the Problem/OpportunityCenveo has not met the growth increase established by the shareholders for the last three years. As a result, the marketing strategy was revised as was the supply chain proposals. The idea to increase growth within the business has now become the marketing strategy and course of action.

The following steps are being implemented to increase product and service includes the following:1. Establishing a product and service that the consumer needs.

2. Establish pricing for the products and services so that the customer will purchase it.

3. Promoting the product and service to improve the awareness that the product and service is obtainable.

Operational Definition from the ConstructsProviding the accurate marketing combination of goods and services can make the difference between an organization's success and failure. There are many factors such as adjusting prices, marketing, or adding features to products or services that could be used to target possible customers. First the marketers improve the ability of knowing how to control the product, place, promotion, and price to stimulate a customer's interest and develop a continuing plan to keep them coming back. The key is providing customers with...