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My mother was born on March 6, 1965 in Ilesha, in present Osun state of Nigeria, five years before the Nigeria became independent from the ruling British on first of October, 1960. Her father was a farmer while her mother was a kola nuts trader. She was the only girl and the youngest in the family of four. She never had been to school even at her younger age because education was not meant for average people then. Just after independence, education has been part of Nigerians. The children were taught about their culture, social activities, and survival skills and work in the primary school. Only male children were privileged to partake in the primary education during the time because girls were not considered to be very important while guys were valued a lot. That has not changed a whole lot even today. Yet, my mother was an extraordinary woman.

Despite that her mother died when she was ten years old, she never gave up her dream of becoming a kola nuts business trader. She was with her strict father and her loving brothers until the age of fifteen. My mother decided to establish in her late mother's trade, which was kola nuts trader. She learned how to buy, preserve, and sell kola nuts from her mother when she was alive. Being smart and fantastic, she learned how to read and write from her brothers. After the death of her father, her brothers handed over all their father's properties to her just because she was the only one who did not benefit from education when their father was alive. She started buying kola nuts from farmers in their village and the surrounding villages and paid them their money immediately. Due...