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California's Government California, also nickname the Golden State, was established in 1850. The Compromise of 1850 made California a free state and the thirty-first state in the union. In 1848 gold was found in California making California the most valuable piece of land of the United Stated. As of today, California is the richest and most powerful state in the nation. One good reason California gains its wealth is from the fact that the people in a free democracy society rule California's system of government.

One of the foundations California's government is so important and well structured is through capitalist democracy. Without civil liberties as our natural right, California's government wouldn't be a free democracy state without the voices of the people. Through the freedom of speech, the people of California are able to give initiative and referendum to improve California's system of government.

California's form of government is representative democracy.

The people of California elect their own senator, assembly member, and other government officers to make and enforce laws and policies that are passed by the people of California. This procedure where the people can propose a law or a constitutional amendment is call initiative. Our state government is run from the consent of the people.

Almost like the US government, California has its own legislature. California legislature branch is a bicameral body that contains forty member of the senate and eighty members for the assembly. The senates are elected for fours years and the assembly member are elected for only two years term. The senators in a state congress have more power than the assembly member. Each senator runs a district with equal population in each area as all senators that govern a district.

Like our nation's president, California voters also elect an executive officer to run...