Call Of The Wild

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Call of the wild- by jack Dempsy there was a young dog named buck, he had a hard life being a only pupp in his family. While he was young he was sold to some people for their use, to use him as a sled dog. These people never treated him good at all, acctually pretty bad. He hated living and working for them, they never gave him the proper amount of food when he needed it. Buck became a fierce dog. Buck was half shepherd, and half greyhound. so he was a pretty large dog,larger than all the dogs around.

One day he was sledding and his owner was trearing him bad and another person saw him. this new man took buck away from that man to become his sled dog. this man was the nicest person alive.

after living with with this man named john thornton, buck started to have problems with the head dog.

one day buck and this head dog fought, and buck killed him. now buck was the new head dog.

john thornton bet on buck to pull 1000 pounds on a sled for SOME MONEY, AND BUCK DID IT.

john and his team, went in search for this old abondond gold mine. no one had ever come back alive from that hunt. but they went on anyways.

buck had went out a few night when they finally got there. he heard and followed this husky dog. but buck wanted to turn back for his master john.

one day when buck went back to the camp, every one was dead, these indians killed them all, and buck went into a rage, buck had killed a few of the indians and was trying to kill the rest. the indians couldnt do anything because buck was too...