The Camel's Nose

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3rd Grade

Reading 40-50 minutes

Objectives: 1. At the completion of this lesson, the students will be able to answer comprehension questions.

2. At the completion of this lesson, the students will be able to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

Materials: 1. Handouts of the story

2. Comprehension questions worksheets

3. Cause and effect worksheets

Method: 1. I will introduce the story to the students by asking them if they ever did a favor for anyone. I will then give the students some time to think and answer the question.

2. I will them ask the students if they ever did a favor for a camel. I will expect them to say "no."

3. Next, I will tell the students that we are going to read a story about a man who does a favor for a camel.

4. Now, I will the students guess what the favor could be and then finish by saying "let's read the story and find out what the favor is."

5. I will read the story with the students.

6. Pass out the comprehension questions worksheets to the students.

7. I will do questions 1 and 2 with the students.

8. I will call on individual students to do questions 3 and 4.

9. Class will work silently and do questions 5 - 10.

10. I will check their work and go over the answers in class.

11. Now I will introduce cause and effect by asking the students general questions.

1. What happens when you touch something hot?

2. What happens if you don't do your homework?

3. What happens when you stand outside in the rain?

12. Explain to the students how every cause has an effect and how every effect has a cause.

13. Pass out the cause and...