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English "What can I expect in College?" On this interview I decided to choose someone very close to me. This person has lived with me, my entire life. Since I was born till now and all those hard moments in between. This person is my sister. My sisters' name is _________. Her college experience began when she first entered LaGuardia Community College, where she received her associates' degree in ________, within a period of 2 years. _____ than went on to Queens College to further her education and received her Bachelors degree. She enjoyed her years in college so much that she is currently planning to enroll into college again to receive her Masters Degree.

Her College's as she told were fairly easy academically, unless you decided not to study and slack off on your work. At first it was hard, not many professors care much about how students do, in that they feel it is not their concern, if one of their students pass or not.

That is solely based on the students, if they do what they are supposed to do, they can easily pass, but it was very hard to overcome her feelings of failure. The workload depends on your major, your classes, and how well you put your time to use. If you don't put your time to use, the work may feel like it will take forever, but if u put away enough time for study and your schoolwork, you can have fun and get where you want easily.