Can Internet actually create a Cybertopia

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Is the Internet capable to creating a Cybertopia? It is commonly held view that the Internet is a Great Equalizer in the sense that it allows technologies, networking like computer to interact with human being. We will be able to talk to each other without using any traditional barriers such as sexism, ageism, and racism . In the cyberspace, we will be able to enjoy the privilege on talking regardless of location and situation to any random people or someone we know in the rest of the world. However, Cybertopia will be argued that it is tend to be too idealistic where everyone can be equally accessible to the Internet. We seems to be neglected about the fact that in the other side of the world, there is still a big sector of the world community who doesn't have the access to Internet or it can be defined as Cyber ghetto as well.

This purpose of this essay is to analyze the argument on the issue regards the Internet. In the meanwhile, we will also discuss about the facts on its reputation as the "Great Equalizer".

The idea of new media captures the development of unique forms in digital media as well as the transformation of traditional media which trying to adopt and adapt to the new media technologies . Print media such as newspapers and magazines are now digitalized; people will be able to read them via the Internet. Telecommunication has also been transformed from voice call to a live conversation all around the world by using the latest 3G technology service. Internet and the old media are seen as parallel because the content of the information that they provide to us is the same as new media uses new technology to provide us with the...