Can morality be found in POW camps?

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When asking the question can morality be found in Prisoner of War (POW) camps the first thing I did was go to the Internet to find sources that might tell me what or if there are any rules pertaining to the treatment of prisoners in POW camps. From my research I found a website titled and this website provided me with information on the 3rd Geneva Convention rules on war and POW camps. It went into great detail on the rules of warfare and the acceptable treatment of prisoners in POW camps.

The first thing that I would like to talk about is war. The reality of war is that it is an ugly thing and there really is nothing moral about it, but war is a part of humanity and with war comes POW camps. The outcome of the 3rd Geneva Convention created rules to make certain morality in a time of war.

The 3rd Geneva Convention Laws must be obeyed. The laws set out the duties, responsibilities, and rights of both the prisoners and the guards.

On the second page of the 3rd Geneva Convention found at is the list of POW camp rules. Clearly, prisoners of war lose their freedom, however they are not criminals. They are enemy soldiers whose participation in the war has come to a halt. The 3rd Geneva Convention is built around the idea that POW's retain their military status and are entitled to humane treatment.

POW camps have to be located in an area that is safe and away from the battlefield. It should be located in an area where the environment does not threaten the health of the POW's. There is also a general prohibition on housing POWs in penitentiaries (article 22). POW's should be...