How can an organization manage people in the new age

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The world of work is rapidly changing. Global competition, deregulation and technological advances are forcing companies to change the shape of their workforces in response to market demands. Companies are de-layering, out-sourcing and increasingly work in multi-disciplinary teams is expanding. The traditional concept of the graduate career is also evolving resulting in the need for graduates to become more self-reliant, self-promoting and multi-skilled. In the past, the concept of a job for life was a graduate expectation with career development largely seen as a by-product of corporate employment. In the 21st century where career transitions are more frequent, jobs less secure, technological innovation explosive and expectations higher, the skills to manage their own career will become essential to success.

New technologies have made the world more efficient and productivity, thus reducing for more workers, and many careers were disappeared, Workers who are educationally, socially, and mentally prepared for a changing workplace will be able to reap benefits from global integration or will lose their jobs.

The demand will be for workers who are creative and innovative, who have the basic skills and technological competence to succeed in a changing work environment. Instead of task-specific skills, these workers must have decision-making and problem-solving skills and be able to learn on their own and with others. Such as in the IT industry, in relation to employing new staff, is that of multi-skilled workers. Back when the dot-com booms at its peak, IT organizations and companies were offering jobs to anyone who could de-frag a hard-drive. Today, however, being proficient in just one programming language, for instance, is not enough. Employers are increasingly looking for individuals who have experience in both sales/marketing and programming and administration, for example. So there is no question that education will play an increasingly important role in the...