The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canada's dedication to human rights makes Canada one of the best places in the world to live. Canada provides freedom of choice for all citizens and Canada is known for the emphasis we put on equality. With both of these points in mind, one must also consider the best and most prominent part of Canada's dedication to human rights, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an influential part of Canada being such a great place to live. Some of the most important point of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the country are Equality Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, and Legal Rights.

The Canadian citizens have lots of right; the Equality right is one of the important rights. Canada is a country where many people treat their freedom of choice as a right and forget that many other people in the world do not have the option to make many of the choices we take for granted.

As a Canadian, we respect each other; everyone has the right to speak up and express their ideas and opinions. Even the government must allow all of the Canadians with equal respect and dignity. Canada is also among the few countries that do not force its citizens to join the military. As it can surely be seen, Canada offers many choices for its citizens. Canada is not only a land of choices, but furthermore Canada is a land of growing equality. It can not be said that everyone in Canada is treated totally equal, because that would be a lie, but as the years progress the government is working towards equality. The rights of the Aboriginals are also protected in Canada under Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan. Every individual is equal before and under the law...