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Something that I feel is a issue that no body talks about is the price of car insurance for teens the cost of insurance for teens is way more then it is for adults insurance. Insurance for teens is way more mostly because they are more likely to get in car accidents then adults do. Consequently either teen has to drive an old car to get cheap insurance or pay a lot for insurance and drive a newer car. I also know there are also a lot of supplementary reasons that affect insurance price is the type of car and make of car and if the car is foreign or if it is four wheel drive because if it is four wheel drive you are more likely to drive when the weather conditions are grim or drive it off road and foreign car parts are more then American made cars.

That's why car insurance for teens would be cheaper. A large amount of states have ways to make car insurance a little less like passing drivers education or getting excellent grades in school but it doesn't help much. For instance my mom drives a 2001 four wheel drive Chevy blazer and for me to be insured on it would cost to much even with the discount from drivers education plus my mom pays for full coverage and if I drive it I have to pay for me to be fully covered on it. My step dads truck wouldn't be any cheaper he drives a 1999 four door four wheel drive F-150 XLT that's why I think car insurance for teens should be cheaper. I can comprehend if the parents pay for everything but gas or one or the parents pay for what ever the teen cant pay for but not...