Career Development Plan III: Career and Performance Plan

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A career and performance plan is necessary to encourage employee growth and development throughout their career. A career and performance plan was created for the InterClean sales staff to improve both individual and team performance. Areas developed and identified in this plan include employee feedback, how to encourage higher levels of performance, identifying promotional and educational opportunities for advancement, providing flexible opportunities, adapting to diversity, and an analysis of the budget, benefits, and costs associated to the plan.

FeedbackFeedback provides information to employee's regarding their performance in relation to job expectations. The purpose of providing feedback is to "… (1) support or reinforce desirable performance, or (2) indicate a need to improve performance (Hillman, Schwandt, Bartz, 1990, p. 23). Formal individual appraisals will be performed every six months with informal feedback provided monthly.

Employees will be evaluated by the manager using an individual appraisal form that incorporates both the narrative essay method and a graphic rating scale (see Appendix 1).

Narrative essay will allow the manager to identify and employee's strengths, weaknesses, potential, and suggestions for improvement (Cascio, 2005, p. 339). Comparisons among individuals are not performed using the narrative essay method so a graphic rating scale will also be utilized to evaluate employee performance. The graphic rating scale, as identified by Cascio (2005), is standardized to facilitate comparisons across employees, consider more than one performance dimension, and are less time consuming and easy to administer (p. 342).

Once feedback has been provided, additional opportunities can be discussed through different training methods. Training methods can include computer-based training, seminars, documentation or manuals, specialized courses in an offsite facility, the use of a mentor or becoming a mentor, and job shadowing. Certification programs can also be considered to enhance sales techniques, increase knowledge in company products and services, and be more...