Carthage War- Punic Wars How Rome destroyed the City and Carthage did not have a clue of what would happen until it was to late

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Carthage was a city, which controlled all the Mediterranean trade and owned North Africa. Rome controlled the entire Italian peninsula. While expanding they met in the middle. The middle was Sicily. They began to fight over who got the island Sicily in 264 BC. No one really won. Carthage and Rome signed a treaty that let Rome have Sicily and that Carthage was to pay Rome for how much Rome wasted on the war, which was a lot. That happened in 241 BC Around this point all the people in Carthage were rebelling against the government. During this rebellion part, Rome took over Corsica. Carthage got angry and they began to fight. This time Carthage had a young man as commander. This man was Hannibal. He was smart and knew a lot. Hannibal and his army attacked an island that was defining what Carthage said. Even though the island was ready to fight and usually won a lot of wars, they lost against this Hannibal.

Rome got scared and ordered Carthage to give Hannibal to them. Of course they refused. Rome was really mad, they begin to fight in 218 Bc. Carthage had a fake commander though. Hannibal and his large troop were sneaking into Italy where they planned to take it over. Carthage took over all Italy. Hannibal wanted Rome to join allies but Rome refused. Rome also picked up a younger commander named Maximus. He shadowed and harassed Carthage till their army was weak. Then Maximus attacked Carthage and won which was in 202 BC. Even though Rome had won, they were still mad for almost losing. Rome demanded Carthage to rebuild elsewhere. Carthage flatly refused. In 146 BC Rome went into Carthage. They slowly and quietly went house to house killing all living things in them.