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Pompey the Great

ising his army he was made an imperator general. In 83 B.C., he was sent as an imperator general to Sicily and then to Africa. Successes in both places earned Pompey the name Magnus and the honor of a ...

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Overview of Italy, with personal comment

tends into the Mediterranean sea from southern Europe. The country also includes two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia.The HistoryItaly has had a long and colorful history. For much of its history, I ... s to Salerno. It is a rich agricultural region, second only to the Po Valley in agricultural output.Sicily is the eight region. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated f ...

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Black Death and the devestation it caused. A look at the effects it had on the political, economical and social structures of medieval Europe

urope in 1347 when a boat filled with dead and dying people docked at Messina harbor, north east of Sicily. This boat come from the Orient and within days of its arrival this death ship had spread its ...

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St. Thomas Aquinas

he Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. 'The Emperor Frederick II ruled from Germany to Sicily' and 'his ambitions conflicted with those of a succession of Popes (making) Italy of the earl ...

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History of Double Reeds

g the early and late Middle Ages. "The oldest known record of it comes from twelfth century Saracen Sicily" (Geiringer 60). It was thought to have come to the West from Italy. The instrument consisted ...

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GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON JR. This report briefly describes his childhood and then gets in to his life in the military more in depth. Mostly focused on his contribution to the victories in WW II.

s of this complex man. There was the daring and fast advancing combat commander that dashed through Sicily, then broke out of the beaches of Normandy, continued to drive across France and finally smas ... f skill, and strategy success.Operation Husky came up next for the Allies, which was the seizure of Sicily, it kicked off on July 10th, 1943 with Patton's Seventh Army attacking on the western shore a ...

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Explains Giuseppe Garibaldi's whole life. How he created the Thousand men army and how he expanded

dom of the Two Sicilies was made up of the southern half of the Italian Peninsula and the island of Sicily. Bourbon tribes tried to conqueror this kingdom, but unfortunately it was not an easy target. ... him to.In 1860, Garibaldi achieved what anybody expected. Along with his army, Garibaldi took over Sicily. He crossed to Italy's mainland and continued to go north. He conquered Naples by defeating t ...

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Pompey the Great

did such a good job raising his army he was made a general. In 83 B.C., he was sent as a general to Sicily and then to Africa. Successes in both places earned Pompey the honor of a triumph.In 60 B.C., ...

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These are great study notes on the Punic Wars

yer in the Punic Wars, was a city state on the North Coast of Africa which had partial control over Sicily before wars and whose location was ideal for trading ground in the Mediterranean.The first wa ... irst war (264-241 BC) started because a conflict between two different city states on the island of Sicily, Messana and Syracuse, had been going on and eventually both Rome and Carthage stepped in. Du ...

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Mistretta, Italy

England, and Holland. But out of all the places I have been none compare to a small town located in Sicily, on top of a mountain approximately 9000 feet above sea level overlooking the crystal blue Ad ...

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This is a research essay about the mafia and the people and events in it. It mentions many of the biggest names in the history of the mafia. It also enlightens us to the early beginning of the mafia.

o protect and help the less fortunate. The origins of the mafia date back to the ninth century when Sicily was ruled by Arabic forces. This is when the mafia arose, in efforts to gain back their freed ... r the mafia gained freedom from the Arabic forces, there were more to come. In the eleventh century Sicily was taken over by the Normans, and again in the fifteenth century by the Spaniards. Throughou ...

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Mount Etna, the dormant volcano in Europe.

s the highest active volcano in Europe. It is on the southern side of Italy on the eastern coast of Sicily. It covers an area of 1,600 square miles, and in the late 1990's, it was 10,902 feet high.Thi ... n one of the most active volcanoes in history, taking many unfortunate lives, and still standing in Sicily.

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Description of Pisa, Italy.

a was the commercial empire of southern Italy, expanding Italy's power over the islands of Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia and controlling most of the Tuscan coast. During this time and subsequent centu ...

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The extroardinary life of Hannibal Barca. It gives you, the reader insite on his military atchievements and biography.

over which Carthage gradually gained control. From then on, Carthaginian power expanded into Spain, Sicily and numerous other places in the northern Mediterranean. This brought them into direct confli ... e in the western Mediterranean, enjoying the security of sea power and trading with her stations in Sicily, Sardinia, and Spain as well as with the shores of Africa. Rome was painfully strug-gling to ...

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The Hero's Journey in Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore).

The "ordinary world" to Salvatore takes place in a small village in Sicily. The most frequented place by the locals is a cinema that shows mostly Western films, black a ... that his friend and mentor Alfredo has died. Now Salvatore, a successful filmmaker has to return to Sicily and confront a past issue with a long-lost love, Elena.The "death and resurrection" occurs wh ...

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Several aspects to the plague that reveal its severity are the cause of the plague, its social and religious effects, and its influence over the population.

the Black Death.A.On October of 1347, a Genoese fleet brought the sickness into the harbor in North Sicily.1.Sickness brought by the rats and fleas aboard the ship.2.The infested ship rat, called the ... ence. It is thought that on October of 1347, a Genoese fleetmade its way into a harbor in northeast Sicily with a crew that had "sickness clinging to their very bones" (Gottfried xiii). The sickness t ...

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Italian Cuisine.

editerranean Sea in Europe. Its most prominent feature is its boot-like shape kicking the island of Sicily. Mountains cover much of Italy. Most of the country's population lives in northern Italy, par ...

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This is an informative essay about many tourist attractions in europe.

s of Herodotus, a historian who lived in the fifth century BC. He traveled by sea to Egypt, Persia, Sicily, and Babylon Travel writing is thus an activity with a history that stretches over two thousa ...

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How and why the mafia was formed, why it spread to America and the changes it under went.

ally spread through out the world.The mafia was first formed in the 9th century when Arabs occupied Sicily; native Sicilians were oppressed and forced to take refuge in surrounding hills. The mafia or ... han them and to regain their country. Even once the Arabs had left the mafia continued to fight for Sicily long after. First when Sicily was under attack by the Normans and again in the fifteenth cent ...

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The punic wars.

mans defeated a Carthaginian fleet off the Sicilian port of Mylae in 260 B.C, but failed to capture Sicily. For the next 13 years the war was fought in the area of Sicily. It ended with a major naval ... the remainder of his life to building up Carthaginian power in Spain to compensate for the loss of Sicily. His son Hannibal became commander of the Carthaginian forces in this area in 221 B.C. Hannib ...

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