Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis


This is a case study analysis of Carl Robins, a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Carl has enlisted and hired 15 new employees who are to be trained and work for Monica Carrolls, who is the Operations Supervisor. Carl has failed however to make the necessary arrangements for the new trainee orientation that is scheduled to take place on June 15. He also has neglected to follow-up with each of the new trainees insuring that they have their applications and all mandatory pre-orientation tasks completed. The goal of this analysis is to look at the ways with which Carl Robins can rectify the situations that have developed.


Carl Robins has only held his position as recruiter for six months, and this was his first recruiting endeavor for ABC, Inc. This effort took place in early April with the aim of having the new hires working by July.

Carl was contacted by Monica in the middle of May regarding the orientation, training schedule, policy booklets, manuals, and many other topics. These were all things that Carl would need to coordinate for the new employees before the new hire orientation that is to take place on June 15. Following Memorial Day, Carl had decided to finalize and look over his paperwork for the orientation that was to take place in approximately two weeks.

Upon viewing the files and materials related to the latest recruitment task, Carl saw many things that were causes for concern. As he perused the orientation manuals he found that there were only three copies. Aside from being shy a few manuals, many of the pages were missing from the manuals he did have. To make matters worse, none of the new trainees had been sent to the clinic for their mandatory drug...