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Case Study Analysis


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Case Study Analysis

Emily Ross


November 17,2014

Stephanie Lyncheski

Case Study Analysis

The case study in question follows, Carl Robins, a new campus recruiter for ABC Inc. Mr. Robins recruited 15 new hires, but before they could start their training Mr. Robins encountered a few problems. However, he ensured his boss Mrs. Monica Carrolls that the training class will begin June 15. Mr. Robins' current problems could have easily been avoided with better time management and organization.

The first problem Mr. Robins encountered was that some of his new trainees' files were not completed. Actually his first problem is that he waited until after Memorial Day to finalize his paperwork, which he needed for the orientation on June 15. Mr. Robins should have finalized the paperwork as he hired the trainee. There is no purpose behind waiting to finalize such important documents.

It is better to complete assignments thoroughly so you do not run into unfinished work so close to the deadline. When handling paperwork it must be checked twice if not three times to make sure all I's are dotted and T's are crossed. Mr. Robins should have double-checked his paperwork and completely finalized all documents before he went on his vacation as he hired each individual trainee.

Mr. Robins' second crucial problem was that none of his trainees had been sent to the clinic to take their mandatory drug screen. This is a major problem because one if not all could possibly fail the drug screen. A failed drug screen could different the number of trainees he will have in orientation as well as the number of employees for Mrs. Carroll whom he had already guaranteed 15 new trainees. However, he first needs to call all 15 trainees, inform...