Case Study: General Electric Company and 3M Worldwide

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This paper will provide a high level overview of the General Electric (GE) and Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) companies, from a financial standpoint. A general overview and history of each company and their stock symbols, including the trends for the past year, will be discussed. The standard industrial codes (SIC) will be provided, as well as each business's respective ranking in the industry. This document will be utilized as the foundation research for further development and analysis of the two companies' financial health.

Company Selection Paper - General Electric Company and 3M Worldwide

A publicly traded company is one which has issued securities through an offering, and which is now traded on the open market ( When a company is publicly traded, it is under constant scrutiny by shareholders, analysts, and the general public.

As a result of the Federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, some states have imposed requirements on publicly traded corporations to disclose information about their officers, auditors, directors, and historical events.

This information is now required along with other pertinent information, such as financial statements, that are currently required to be disclosed. This information is also made available on the internet, and could definitely assist in improving the market transparency of publicly traded corporations for present and future investors.

The writers of this paper have utilized the internet, and other research material to provide the reader with an overview of two companies within the same industry--General Electric Company and 3M Worldwide--which are publicly traded. Amongst other things, this overview will include information on the companies' history, their industry, and rankings within the industry. Information on the companies' stocks, dividends, and products or services will also be highlighted.

Historical Overview

General Electric Company

General Electric (GE) is a diversified technology and services company, and among other...