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1. Research Background and Purport

1.1 Background Introduction

1.1.1 Yizheng Corporation Company Engineering Plastics Plant Survey

Yizheng Corporation Company Engineering Plastics Plant (YPEPP) ( belongs to China Petrochemistry Corporation Yizheng Corporation Company (, which is the largest manufacturer of the PBT resin and engineering plastic in China. The PBT resin and engineering plastic, one of the five types of main product which is engineering and PBT, has the capacity of manufacturing twenty thousand tons of high quality PBT resin with low, middle and high; the three agglutinate degree and ten thousand tons of alterable engineering plastics. The plant owns 270 staffs with its annual sales turnover is RMB171, 110, 000, and gross profit is RMB12, 140, 000.

Plant Establishing History

The plant started establishing the project in 1995 and started working and constructed in 1996. In September, 1997, the project was complete and put into production. Going through a long time trial running, the whole project passed the finish check and acceptance.

Techniques Brief Introduction

The techniques and main facilities are all introduced from overseas. The key reference points are adopted from the TDC-3000+Distributing Control System (DCS) of Honeywell Company. Both material usage and product quantity are able to be supervised and controlled at time by controlling instrument. The settings are provided with run flexibility, that is to say, the daily capacity can be adjusted between 50% and 110% of rated capacity.

Twenty-thousand-per-year PBT resin polymerization equipment is introduced by Lurgi Zimmer AG. The setting is adopted by the most advanced PTA (one of the raw materials producing PBT) continuum technique in the world at that time. It is workable for polymerizing PTA and BDO through esterification and twice decarboxylations in the vacuum condition. By adjusting different vacuum conditions, it gained PBT original resin with different agglutinate degree and byproduct...