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Case Study: Let It Pour

Faith Hospital has a problem in that the number of patients being treated at this hospital has declined, while operating costs have continued to rise. There is also a problem with the care that is being given to patients. There seems to be a lack of attention being paid to what the hospital's policies are and how they should be implemented. This crisis requires a more responsible approach to hospital expenditures as well as more clearly defining rules for patient care. It is also important to reassess whether the goals outlined are meeting with success. It would also be a good idea to make this meeting an annual event. Although press has requested access to the upcoming meeting, it might be a good idea to not to allow access since this meeting will require discussing matters of hospital policy, which might be misconstrued, and negatively impact on the hospital.

Determining Why Number of Patients Has Declined

The first item that needs to be addressed is the decline in the number of patients being treated. It is important to figure out if this is because people are going elsewhere for hospital care or if the general population is simply living healthier lives. Obviously, if the latter case is true, there is not much to be done. Obviously it is not the desire of this hospital that illnesses occur just so the hospital can stay open. If the first issue stated is the case, it is important to understand why patients are going elsewhere for treatment. This can be partially addressed by performing surveys of those who seek care, and possibly similar surveys might be done in the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital. It will take time to administer the surveys, though, so the primary focus at...