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Assignment 6-2 Case Study: Midwest Healthcare System

David Smith


Professor Dorr



When accepting a position of leadership at any organization it is important to obtain all pertinent information in regards to the health of the organization. As the new Chief Financial Officer of the Midwest Healthcare System this information will be needed in order to take an in-depth look at the current issues plaguing the organization. This information will then be used to formulate a plan of action in an effort to reverse the current declining trends. Sometimes the easiest way to obtain this information is to simply ask the people with the knowledge of it. I will be meeting with key members of the executive team and interviewing them regarding their positions and collecting any data necessary to have to address the current situation

Mr. Clark, Chief Operating Officer

The first interview to be conducted will be with the Chief Operating Officer Mr.

Clark. He should have the greatest knowledge as to how the system operates on a daily basis. He should be able to provide us with information in regards to the functions of various departments. I have prepared a few questions to ask him and they are as follows:

In what aspect of healthcare do we provide the greatest number of services? In what areas can we reduce or eliminate due to being unprofitable?

Are our operations being affected by current staffing levels? Are we over or understaffed in certain division?

Do we maintain excess inventories of products or goods that may be unnecessary and expensive?

What is the status of the current operating budget? Are there any areas that are over-budgeted where reductions can be made?

What is the current status of capital expenditures? How much is being spent and in what areas?...