Case study on new billing system of CITYCELL

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Description of the company

This report is being created on the basis of problem formulation method. In this report the flat rate process of CITY CELL has been chosen to use it as a problem and to provide a solution of this problem. The solution is being selected on the basis of the feasibility study from different optional solutions. The risk measurement of the proposed solution is also being made in this report.

About CityCell

City cell is fully domestic company. City cell started their service from the year 1991. At the beginning of their service, they have few subscribers because of high rate. From the year 1996 they expand their network and try to make service chipper. Now a day they have half a million subscribers. City cell is the only company, which use CDMA technology.

Vision of organization

To provide total customer satisfaction the company strives to become the most preferred CDMA service in Bangladesh.

This company will achieve this through developing people, products and services of the highest quality and meeting the needs of its customers, employees, shareholders and the nation.

Financial status

CityCell mobile came first in our country. At that time they sold mobile in a high price. From their annual report we find that they pay maximum tax to the government. In the year 2003, they launch maximum of different kind of mobile. From the march 2003 to June 2003 they sell their new packages and earn about 10 corers taka. They increase their financial condition day by day.

Overview of the market

CityCell Digital in Bangladesh with the objective of offering the modern telecommunication services to the people of Bangladesh at a competitive price. It is in the CDMA telephony business. Company vision is to monitor the needs and wants of the customer...