Case Study of Nupath Foods Ltd

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Part A

Case Study of Nupath Foods Ltd


Denise Roberge, brand manager of Nupth Foods Ltd, had improved sales of her company product recently. Her superior, James Ornath, wanted to reward her by promoting her to the position of marketing research coordinator. This decision was not well-received by Roberge, who assumed that Ornath was following her previous employer's footsteps of sexist practices. She felt insecure about her current position and faced a dilemma as whether to change Ornath's decision or to tender her resignation.

Symptoms and Causes Of The Situation



She felt that Ornath's positive comments about the promotion were just a smokescreen of letting her know that her career had come to a standstill in the sales department. Ornath's intention of letting Roberge have a broader experience in the company was perceived as him being jealous of her success and giving her a lower profile job scope.


Roberge had assumed that Ornath was trying to stop her from advancing up the corporate ladder. She assumed that Ornath was acting in the same manner as with her previous employer, where sexist behavior existed. Ornath was the vice-president of marketing. By transferring her to his department, Roberge would be under his observation and will have limited career opportunities. (Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, 1998). It leads to her to form a perceptual defence against the idea of accepting the post. Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman (1998 pg 86) defines perceptual defence as 'the tendency for people to protect themselves against ideas, objects or situations that are threatening.' Once a person's biased view of the situation is established, it will be unlikely to change.

Miscommunication (Non-Verbal Cues)


Roberge's astonishment was detected by Ornath but he had misinterpreted her silence and weak response. He had noticed her looking bewildered...