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Year 11 Business Studies Assessment Task

Due: 12th August 2008 3:30 Pm.

Video Ezy South City

By Sarah Bradley (


Business Features


Highwater Pty Ltd, trading as Video Ezy South City.

This is a franchise store.


Video Ezy South City is located at the South City Shopping Centre, 7 Tanda Place Glenfield Park Wagga Wagga NSW 2650.


Prime Function:

The prime function of a business is its major or main activity and its reason for being. The prime function is the focal point of the business but the business often has support services which assist the business in achieving its prime function. The prime function for Video Ezy is the hiring of movies.

Mission Statement:

A mission statement is a formal short statement which identifies what the business hopes to achieve and the manner of achieving it. The mission statement also shows the long term direction of the business. Video Ezy's mission statement is:

'To provide comprehensive, innovative and dynamic entertainment services, whilst always maintaining the highest regard for quality, responsibility and value for money'

Classification of the Business:

As mentioned previously, Video Ezy South City is a franchise.

Franchising is a way of...