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Castigliones, The Book of the Courtier, is a handbook for the Courtiers, during the 16th Century. Just like today we have several life handbooks available for our everyday lives in the 21st century. I will attempt to link the civilizing process and the Book of the Courtier, with Iyanla Vanzant's, Until Today! This book is a great tool for changing and shaping your life. Until Today!, is daily devotions for spiritual growth and peace of mind. Just as Book of the Courtier, was a guide during the Middle Ages, Vanzant's, Until Today!, serves as a guide to get people to focus more on the inward man today. By doing this we will be able to focus on the inward man our outward appearances as well as the well being of others. The civilizing process is a term that defines the process by which social classes broke down or tried to define new barriers, as Vanzant wants to define and build up new barriers for people as a whole This book is a guide to help you overcome situations, circumstances or relationships in your life that you have been struggling to overcome, trying to work through, or doing your best to work around.

"If you believe that life has to be hard, that things will probably never get better for you, that you must except less because that is just the way life is, raise you hands and shout into the ether, Until Today!". This is a part of Vanzants theme for the book. She has developed a life handbook that if you can follow it for one full year it will seriously improve your life and life situations.

Iyanla tries to point out that whatever has been going on in your mind, your life, or your heart can...