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On August 13, 1926 one of the world's most fierce leaders was brought upon this earth. He would be recognized world wide as Fidel Castro. Born near Biran Cuba he grew up on his mother And fathers 200 acre sugar cane plantation (Groiler 1996 n. Page).

When Castro turned age six he was sent away to a parochial school for children of the Aflon in Santiago where he was known to be a little bit of a hell raiser. Although he was very capiable of doing his work, he was reluctant to do so if it didn't interest him. After years of struggling through school Castro then attended the University of Havana where he graduated with a low degree on 1950 (One Biography n. Page) many of his friends and associated pushed him to become a member of the orthodox party of Cuba where be became the leader and was about to go up against Batista in a federal election but the election was called of by Fulgencia Batista.

Castro tried many times to take legal action against Batista but failed. This led him to use violence. On July 26, 1953 he led an attack on Moncada army barracks which failed. Castro was charged and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. While being arrested Fidel uttered the line "condom me it does not matter history will resolve me". He was released after 2 years due to the citizens support. (Biography n. Page) In October of 1955 Castro announced the formation of his 26th of July movement aimed at toppling Fulgencio Batista.

He then went into exile in Mexico vowing to return to Cuba in order to fight against Batista (Groiler n. Page).

In December of 1956 Castro and 81 others including the Gueuara went into the Sierra Maestro mountains and launched a sussecful gorillas warfare against Batista. Unable to count on the Americans for support Batista fled the country on New Years day 1959 paving the way for Castro's rise to power. In Castro's victory speech he called for unity and stated "we can not become dictators". (Biography n. Page) Castro was swamped by complaints of village people being assulted and killed by Batista soldiers. So Castro had trials for the men and if found guilty they would be executed. The Americans protested his actions but Castro ignored them, his relationship with the United States soured quickly and warmed just as fast with the USSR In 1961 the Americans hatched a plan to overthrow Castro and his government by using Cuban exiles and no American soldiers. On April 17, the Cuban exiles landed in The Bay of Pigs, Cuba.

The mission was a disaster before it got started 114 men died and 1200 were captured and then ransomed of the States. The mission was over April 18. This invasion would be known as the Bay of Pigs. There were many other attempts to kill Castro like exploding cigars and snipers but Fidel survived them all. (Biography n. Page) Many people believe that Didel Castro was Cuba's saviour others believe that he is a menace and a total mistake. Although Castro did a lot of good things for Cuba he did do many bad things also.

Was Castro meant to be or is he just an impostor only time will tell.