Catastrophic Climate

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Catastrophic Climate

Lara Sazonov


Mrs. Janiec

June 14, 2007

Catastrophic Climate

The atmosphere is something that is around us everyday, but do we really think about the changes that occur in it? It isn't that we aren't paying attention, but more of the fact that it is hard to notice slight changes over long periods of time. Everyday gases are released into the air by all living material. The gases in the air are used for many important things. For example, hydrogen is released by volcanoes, which can give energy to the cell; photosynthesis has evolved to take the gas carbon dioxide and create food and release oxygen; nitrogen is a gas used in our air, oceans, and solid earth, as an essential part of are Earth. Although these actions take place everyday we are not aware of them or the consequences of our actions.

Even if it's brought to our attention, we just continue our lives like the Earth will be able to recover from all the terrible things we do to it. Right now, it seems that our actions are catching up to us. The nature of our atmosphere has been irreversibly changed by our own hands. The greenhouse effect may be the most serious environmental problems the human race has ever experienced. Never before in recorded history have people been faced with the possibility of such dramatic and rapid environmental changes occurring on a global scale. "Climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from human activities is one of the most profound threats to people, economies and ecosystems in the 21st century" (Unknown, 2000). At the alarming rate we are experiencing with climate changes and related issues we can see that something needs to be done or the...