Government Taking Us Over

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As political campaigns heat up, people are being deceived by certain topics that keep our eyes off the real issues. Politicians have their own favorite ?catch phrases? that sound good, but do these ?catch phrases? actually make sense. According to Barbara McCutchen?s Times Record article ?Government Taking Us Over?, there are six ?catch phrases? that are commonly used by many politicians today.

The first phrase ?No Child Left Behind?- refers to all children in school are actually being programmed to think the way the government wants them to. Second, ?Homeland Security?- makes life harder or inconvenient on our citizens while not doing that much to deter terrorist or illegal immigration. Third, ?War on Terror?- our way of going after oil and helping Israel. There are terrorists within the United States, yet we do nothing while other countries are attacked. Forth, ?Patriot Acts?- take away our rights. Fifth, ?War on Drugs?- almost anyone can come into our country bringing illegal drugs with them.

Finally, ?War on Poverty?- allowed this country to continue in poverty by letting our people be dependent on government rather than dependent on self.

This article doesn?t describe each issue correctly. For this reason, I disagree with the writer. Not all the facts are given in the ?No Child Left Behind? phrase. The standardized testing process should hold educators responsible for their job. According to the ?Homeland Security? phrase, the writer expects the illegal immigration problem to be fixed overnight. The United States has had border patrol problems around for decades. Finally, the ?War on Terror? hasn?t just been about oil and Israel, but also getting rid of a tyrant (Sadom) and helping a country find democracy (Iraq). For these reasons, I disagree with this article.

I believe the information for the ?Homeland...