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The book in which this essay is about is called Dragonwings. Laurence Yep wrote Dragonwings. The main setting is in America during the early 1900?s. The main characters are Moon shadow (a young Tang child), his father Windrider, and black dog shows up throughout the story. This father and son have a dream of building a flying machine.

There are really many conflicts in this story. The main ones are Windrider and Moon Shadow trying to build a flying machine, Black Dog being addicted to opium, and Windrider is try to get the rest of his family to America. Moon Shadow and Windrider are always getting their money stolen by Black Dog. Eventually Moon sends a letter to the Wright brothers and gets a response and a diagram to make a plane and Windrider's dream is made real.

As the story progresses Moon starts to learn about his father through his mother and the kites his father made.

Eventually Handclap a friend of Windrider is sent to bring Moon to America (The land of Golden Mountain) so Moon goes and meets his father and the other people that own the business with windrider. Those people are Handclap, Uncle Brightstar, Black Dog, and White Deer. Moon, Windrider, and the rest of the company are always out looking for Black Dog because he is an opium fiend. Eventually they move into a house with Miss Whitlaw and Robin. While there they begin thinking about making an airplane. Then the police make the leave after the earthquake because now a fire is headed their way. They set up a tent and again they are made to leave. After that they go back to the Tang town. Miss Whitlaw moves to Oakland after her house burns down.

Then Moon and his father...