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In the novel, Catch-22, by Joseph Heller, the protagonist Yossarian portrays that evils of war and it is through his eyes that we see the events during the closing of World War II. I chose this book because once I was browsing the Internet and it contained top 30 books that one must read and Catch-22 was one of them. Also, I knew that we had to read Catch-22 in the senior year, so I wanted to finish this one-year in advance. In this book, Heller attacks many parts of the society with specific characters. A person who is proud, nationalistic American, I believe, would find this novel very subversive. This is because it criticizes the life of many who are proud of their modern lives. Heller exemplifies the absurdity of the war in this novel. He convinces the reader that the war is pointless and our "modern" society is no longer on the tracks, even though we have an "advanced civilization".

Therefore, many people will find this book's perspective interesting and thoughtful, while some may take it as a direct attack on their lives.

Heller masterfully depicts how everyone is controlled, influenced and even stifled by the society. The leading character in this novel, Yossarian, addresses what has gone wrong with society. He believes that it is crazy to live for money, fake happiness, power, society's approval, etc. During the novel, Yossarian always wants to live a life as a real human being. When he questions other characters, he only finds unsatisfactory answers. All of the characters portray how rotten and greedy the society has become.

All General Scheisskoph wants to do is achieve a high rank in military. In order to do this, he obeys all the rules of the game. He does not want to stick...