Catherine's Idol in the novel Wuthering Heights

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What is an idol and how is something classified as a true idol? To determine whether or not something is an idol, one must do two things. First, you must look at the definition of an idol. Then, you have to decide if the proposed idol fits three main criteria of an idol. The definition is fairly simple. An idol is a symbol or representation of an object or worship. More broadly, it is considered by some people to be a false god. Most idols fit certain criteria as well. First, a true idol is the most important thing in one's life. The idol's loss would be considered a great disaster. Second, an idol is looked to for help or support in times of crisis or dilemma because it is often a source of faith and hope. No matter what the idol is, it has qualities of being able to instill faith in someone or bring the relief of pain or suffering.

Finally, an idol can appease someone in time of great stress and bring happiness to one's life because it may very well be the only thing that has always been an origin of joy.

In Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw, one of the novel's most prominent characters, clearly idolizes the place where she has lived for nearly all of her life. More important, it is the place where she spent the most meaningful years of her life, her childhood. That place is Wuthering Heights, the residence of the Earnshaw family. Wuthering Heights is an estate in Yorkshire, an old moor county in northern England. Throughout Catherine's life, whenever she was in trouble or had no will to go on, she would wish that she was a child again back at Wuthering Heights. She wishes that she could...