Causes Of American Revolution

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Causes of American Revolution The United States Revolution was one of the most important events that occurred during this world's history. The Revolution had many different causes that led to the Revolution in the time periods between 1775 until 1783. One of the causes that led to the colonies declaration for revolution was all of the different acts that Britain opposed on the colonists throughout that time period. Another major cause for revolution was some different small battles or skirmishes that occurred through the colonies countryside. Another large part of the colonial revolution was small radical groups like the Sons of Liberty. The acts that Britain passed, the small battles that went on, and the Sons of Liberty were all different causes of the Revolution that the original 13 colonies from Maine to Georgia all united for.

The rising British governing body, known as Parliament, started passing different acts to tax their subjects because they were in debt.

All of the British people were subject to those acts, including the colonists. A lot of the stuff that was spread around the colonies was propaganda created by different people who called for Revolution. Some of the acts that Parliament passed were things like the Sugar Act (1764), the Currency Act (1764), the Stamp Act (1765), the Quartering Act, and the Townsend Acts. Most of these acts made the colonies furious, but out of all of them the Stamp Act of 1765 caused a major crisis throughout the colonies. The Stamp Act made for the colonists to call for the first meeting of elected colonists or the Stamp Act Congress. At this gathering of officials, they decided to ask the British govt. for permission to organize; they asked the British govt. for a repeal of the Stamp Acts, and finally asked...