Causes for the fall of Rome.

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Causes for the fall of The Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires known to man. Rome was founded in 753 B.C. and by 275 B.C. it controlled most of the present day Italy. The Roman Empire reached its peak during A.D. 100's. The empire covered about half of Europe, most of the Middle East, and the northern parts of Africa. But with every great empire, there is always a downfall. The fall of the Roman Empire was caused by military problems, political breakdowns, economic mishandlings, social class controversy, and splitting of the empire. (Hocker 104) (Hocker 104)

The military in the western part of the empire could not hold off the consistent attacks from the barbarians. After the empire was split into two, the barbarians that lived north of the Western Roman Empire began to constantly attack the western troops. The Romans strengthened their border patrol but still could not stop the repeated attacks from the barbarians.

(Hocker 104) The western empire kept getting pushed back towards Rome. Until finally in 275 A.D., an emperor named Aurelianus pulled troops back to surround Rome, to ensure that it would not be defeated. One by one, many small barbaric tribes wedged their way into a section of the western empire. After a while the barbarians decided to combine all their forces, attack with one unified force, and divide up the spoils afterwards. The military began to get pushed further south until finally in 476 A.D. a German leader overthrew the last western emperor. (Gabucci 122) (Gabucci 122, Hocker 104)

The political breakdown of the Roman Empire began in the Senate. The Senate had lost control of the empire. They were responsible for appointing and recognizing the promotion of an officer to a higher rank. There were imposters...