Causes of Industrial Revolution

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Many changes occurred in the course of the Industrial Revolution. These changes were a way of improvement for the people's living condition and also satisfied their needs. These changes were mainly political, social and economic. When Industrial Revolution first began in the 1700's, people began to make new inventions. Great machines from people like Richard Arkwright, required man-power to run it. That and other similar issues made the country people move to cities in search of work. When cities got crowded with the factory-workers, the living conditions started going from bad to worse. Also the days were long and the treatment at work was very bad. These made new ideas from people like Mr. Mill and Marx and Engels emerge and people took steps to get their demands fulfilled. Trade unions started forming and the state had to finally step in and recognize the worker's needs. They placed in laws so that the ill treatment of the workers doesn't happen again.

In the 1400's when England started to expand overseas, the demand for goods such as clothing, food, etc. increased greatly. After a certain point, the domestic manufacturers couldn't handle the growing demands. This inspired my inventors to design machines of mass productions and also at the same time inspired the entrepreneurs to invest their money in them. Two another reasons for this boom were cheap food and the growing population. Cheap food meant more people and these people had extra money to spent, which they spent on goods like clothing and food. This started up the Industrial Revolution in England. Inventions that used water, coal and steam started showing up in the new factories and on the tracks of train and on the rivers. Transportation was changed drastically. Also coal was near the surface in Britain, this made it...