the causes of poverty and inequality

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When we often talk about the Global North and the Global South, the 'global north' refers to highly industrialised and wealthy states, most of them which are located in the northern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand are exceptional. The 'global south' refers to poor states that depend mostly on agricultural and minority on industrialises. These states are located in the Southern Hemisphere and they tend to have brown skins, where as the global north are mostly light skins. There are four major group different between north and south global; politics, technology, wealth and demograhical. It is obvious to all that some countries much poorer than others. How has this come about? Will it change the future?

To understand how the Global South countries today are attempting to survive in the world of the powerful of Global North, we need to begin by taking back to the time of the colonialism and imperialism of those territory were conquer by the European.

According to Ander Gunder has argued that the colonised world, at the beginning of the colonisation period was much wealthier than the coloniser;

"The Europeans did not in any sense 'create' either the world economic system itself nor 'capitalism'. Europe itself was not a first rank power nor an economic core region during the three centuries. The core regions, especially of industrial production, were in China and India; and West Asia and South-east Asia also remain economically more important than Europe...Using GNP estimates by Bairroch, still in 1750 Asia has a GNP of $ 120 billion (in 1960 US dollars) while all the 'West', meaning Europe and the America but also including Russia and Japan, had a GNP before the industrial revolution of only $ 35 billion.

The first wave of European used their military power began building their...