Celebration of Veterans: How to celebrate them.

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Celebrating veteran's service should not be a thing that is done just because you are asked to. Throughout the years, veterans have been serving because they believe that they can make a difference. They have done just that. They have defended our country's right to be free and helped free others. Though if you do anything to show your appreciation to them, you can make a difference in their lives.

When the veterans come home after working in the armed forces, their hard work usually goes unrecognized. Since September 11, 2001, veterans who are serving in the Middle East have been getting thanks from the patriotic Americans. Those who have served before and those who aren't serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, go unnoticed. We need to stand up and recognize the people who are working or have worked for us in other dangerous countries, and even the peaceful ones.

We celebrate these veterans in few ways.

There are usually services provided to veterans by the government for the rest of their lives, but they usually take a lot of paperwork and complications to attain, so many don't bother. These services are usually paid for with taxes that they and others have paid to the government. We also celebrate Veterans Day once a year. Honors should be given to each veteran to make them special. These useless tributes usually do not reach to the veteran's hearts.

Veterans' Day should not be just one day. We recognize these people for a whole day by saluting the prisoners of war, missing in action, and fallen servicemen with a lowered flag and celebrating those who are still alive with parties and parades. But does this big party ever really thank our veterans? Children just think Veterans' Day is just another day off of school,