Cell Phone Radiation Syndrome C.P.R.S.

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While many people in the world focus their concern on the SARS problem, perhaps we should be looking at a problem that affects 137 million people in the U.S. and over 500 million worldwide. This problem is CPRS, Cell phone radiation syndrome. The radiation emitted from cellular phones that are used worldwide affect brain cells and can even cause cancer. It is a problem that can't be seen immediately, a silent killer, that could have a he impact on over 500 million people in the world.

1. How do phones emit radiation?

In order to operate, cell phones have to emit signals via radio waves, which are comprised of RF energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation. When you talk on a cell phone a transmitter takes the sound of your voice and encodes it onto a sine wave. The radio waves that are used to send the encoded signal to the cellular tower are made up of electromagnetic energy.

The transmitter is usually placed at the top of the cell phone. Since phones are placed right next to the head, which houses the brain, this radiation is emitted directly toward brain tissue.

2. Health Risks from CPS.

There is no doubt that cell phone radiation causes damage, the question is how sever is the damage, and what are the long term effects. There are two types of radiation:

A. Ionizing Radiation- The radiation contains enough electromagnetic energy to strip atoms and chemicals from tissue and alter chemical reactions in the body.

B. Non-ionizing Radiation- This type of radiation is typically safe. It causes some heating effect, but usually not enough to damage tissue.

Frankly there haven't been enough studies on cell phone radiation to determine what type of radiation cell phones emit. Yet what little studies have been done...