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Wireless Networking.

ionize the way people think about wireless communication in regards to computing. The confluence of mobile phone communication and wireless networking emphasizes this point especially, since there see ... ork user is connected to the internet or a company intranet, s/he can also remain connected through mobile access. Although this is still a developing aspect of wireless networking, the potential in t ...

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How does Mass Media affect people in society?

media for people to choose and access the information such as television, radio, Internet, or even mobile phone, consequently, media have a full capacity to set a social subject for mass audience to ...

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Inter-net Assesment

ernets accessibility is good and fairly accessible for many people. All you need is a pc, or even a mobile phone, an Internet service provider, and a phone line (to connect to the net). Many people wh ...

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Samsung Corporation: Strategic analysis

IntroductionSyndicate Consulting has been working with Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone Division in developing a strategic agenda and a plan for its effective and rapid implem ... s profile and strategy in terms of 'strategic rethink, restructuring and repositioning' of Samsungs Mobile phone business.Our ApproachWe adopted the following approach in our study.There are 5 phases ... borate on each key activity in the sections that follow.Market Assessment1.2Market Trends"Worldwide mobile phone sales totaled nearly 399.6 million units in 2001, a decline of 3.2 percent from 2000 sa ...

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Descriptive Statistics Analysis in Students' Mobile Usage in the University of Southampton

Descriptive Statistics Analysis in Students' Mobile Usage in the University of Southampton1.Introduction2.Data Analysis2.1Collection and Input of ... .1Collection and Input of Data2.2General information2.2.1Gender analysis2.2.2Ownership analysis2.2.3Mobile band analysis2.2.4Network using situation analysis2.2.5Payment methods analysis2.2.6Monthly f ... hi-Square Test3.Conclusion4.References5.Appendices5.1Appendices1 -- Investigation of students using mobilephone5.2Appendices2 -- Raw Data1. IntroductionMobile phone is one of the most popular communic ...

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Do Cell Phones Cause Health Risks? Radiation's Effects on the Human Body.

Many public agencies, along with the general population, have heard numerous reports about how mobile phone devices emit radiation that is absorbed by the user's body. These startling accounts ha ... along with the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, has developed a test to secure hearing aid and mobile phone capability so that no interference occurs between the phone and hearing devices, which ...

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Mobile phones

emergency you can not locate a pay phone.The main reason why people should be allowed to possess a mobile phone is encase of an emergency. You do not have enough change to ring from a payphone. You m ... have to notify your parents you will be catching the next bus and will be late home. In this case a mobile phone is very useful.Another useful thing on a mobile phone is that your parents can monitor ...

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Camera Phones

ation technology comes in even smaller packages, the world seems to grow smaller along with it. The mobile phone has shrunk, from being uncomfortable bludge that never quiet fitted the pockets into wh ... banned in courtrooms, but what prevents someone outside the court entrance surreptitiously using a mobile phone to take a photograph as witnesses enter or leave the building? The existing ban can be ...

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It is valuable to study both the verbal and non-verbal language of a culture

ges our daily lives, bringing us lots of new communication modes, for example, computers, Internet, mobile phone and so on. However, verbal and non-verbal language is still the most familiar way to co ...

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TA-Orange a Case Study

his act was to promote free and fair composition under their government. This action evolved into a mobile-phone battle among the companies interested in establishing a market. Among these companies, ... his act was to promote free and fair composition under their government. This action evolved into a mobile-phone battle among the companies interested in establishing a market. Among these companies, ...

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ave brought us to the information revolution. The rapid growth of the technology such as telephone, mobile phone, satellite, computer networks had lead us to the latest revolution and also it is bring ...

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How does DSL works? How does cable modem works? Compare Pros and Cons. Which one do you like to use and why?

a-ble TV, 2) telephone service suppliers are increasing, 3) 22% of households now have at least one mobile phone, 4) "Digital TV with its 200 channels and interactive services is now definite, 5) TV's ...

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Mobile Phones should be BANNED!

Why do 3 out of every 4 teenagers have a mobile phone?Mobile phones used to be for most businessmen and doctors for emergencies and business ... ergencies and business calls. Today, Why are they used as leisure toys?Students are equipped with a mobile phone as ordinarily as with lunchboxes. This is sickening. This new technology brings new way ... steal, cheat, bully and act irresponsibly. These negative matters have rapidly become out of hand! Mobile Phones MUST be banned!Mobile Phones cause terrible problems in schools. Teenagers are taking ...

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SMS a marketing opportunity

digital phones. Users send and receive short text messages (approximately 160 characters) from one mobile phone to another. The receiver sees the message displayed on the phone. The text message can ... sage is automatically saved, and can be read at any time (Kornblum, J. 2004). The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM, 2004) reported that in May 2003 alone, 30 Billion SMS messages were sent ...

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SonyEricsson Alliance and Cultural Analyse

The SonyEricsson allianceIn 2001, the mobile phone terminal market world was shaken by the announcement of the agreement between two &laqu ... ons company Sony. As the result of the strategic alliance, an agreement focused on their respective mobile phone terminals businesses bringing to life a new joint venture aiming to gain consistent mar ... rs. The company provides total solutions covering the whole range, from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. Ericsson has been active worldwide for over 1 century ...

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Cell Phones: A Health Risk?

This is the question the country is asking. Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern day life, from the businessperso ... re considered by many as an essential part of modern day life, from the businessperson who uses the mobile phone as a vital link with the office, to the teenager who has the phone for recreational use ... are we damaging our long-term health just to stay in contact or worse simply just for a good image?Mobile or cellular phones have changed dramatically over the past two or three years. The new genera ...

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Mobile Phone Firmware Flashing for Nokia.

INTRODUCTION1.1 OverviewFirmware can be found on any electronic devices such as mobile phone, computer hardware and measurement instrumentation. Basically the downloading codes to ... n on those particular devices. The firmware upgrade circuit has been designed and implemented for a mobile phone.1.2 BackgroundFirmware is the heart of many electronic devices. It stores and performs ... t and output devices, some power source, internal software, which manage everything and some other. Mobile phones are the same. They contains own special made microprocessors, keyboard and loudspeaker ...

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Whether Technologies not only influence but actually determine social customs and ethics

n our daily life. For example, the invention of airplane has shortened distance between people; the mobile phone has affected our communication; development of biologic and medicine has made some diff ...

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Ban uses of cell phone while driving

lecommunications and Internet Association, just over the past ten years in the United States alone, mobile phone subscription sales have increased seventeen-fold (CTIA, 2000a) However, the more popula ... y 85% of all cellular customers who are using the devices while driving and 1.5 percent was using a mobile phone at the time of the serious accident" (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administratio ...

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The Future of Mobile Check-In

rld, there are usually three essential items one would take when going out: a wallet, a watch and a mobile phone. Now picture a guest who has a reservation and is ready to check-in at your hotel. He t ... is guest has checked-in, received his room number and a code to open his hotel room all through his mobile phone and without losing a step.One of this year's big improvements in technology and hospita ...

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