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The uses made of the information

The Internet is a very large database, which allows people to share information. There are no supervisors on the Internet which means people are attracted to it. Wide ranges of people use the net from businessmen to the average public. The Internet is used for anything and not made for anything specifically, and is why it is so popular. The inter net can also be used to chat to anyone on the net and also to download files onto your hard disk. You can also send emails from it.

The characteristics of the stored information

Accessibility. The Internets accessibility is good and fairly accessible for many people. All you need is a pc, or even a mobile phone, an Internet service provider, and a phone line (to connect to the net). Many people who have a pc will have the Internet. For those who don't, the Internet can be accessed nearly anywhere, from libraries to the office and even in schools.

The Internet in schools and colleges are not made for entertainment, but mainly for education purposes. This means many sites are blocked and will not be able to be accessed. On the whole, accessibility to the Internet is wide and fairly good as it is available nearly round every corner.

Appropriateness. The appropriateness of the Internet is fairly ok. Such things as educational or entertainment normally for fill their own purpose, and have information on what they are meant to have. However, other things on the net, such as pornography are inappropriate. Reasons for this are that the Internet is unsupervised therefore anything can go on around it.

Cost. The cost of the Internet varies for things on it. For instance, to actually get connected to it can cost for people, and...